National Board -

The Alumni organization is the true culmination of all the training, education, and most importantly, the experience gained as an undergraduate Carnal de La Hermandad De Oquichtli Macuilli Tonatiuh (O eMe Te).  The ultimate purpose of Los Veteranos Del Sexto Sol is to truly apply the pillars of Culture, Empowerment, Carnalismo, and Wisdom to benefit all of our communities.

Los Veteranos Del Sexto Sol will strive to be servants of our community, to better our membership (Veteranos and Carnales); to provide community service; and to act as allies for the political, educational and economic empowerment of our Chicano/Mexicano/Latino/ Indigenous communities.

The National Board will focus to support the undergraduate Carnales transition into their professional lives, as well as apply the vision that started on a college campus in 1996 to the broader community,
region and nation.