History -

On the 21st day of the first month of nineteen hundred and ninety six, four Chicano undergraduate students at Washington State University founded La Hermandad de Oquichtli Macuilli Tonatiuh
(O eMe Te).

The founding four, Christiaan-Gabriel G. Brown, Carlos Alberto Martin, Daniel Tilliano, and Juan Pablo Garcia shared a vision.  That vision was to create a Hermandad of Chicano/Mexicano/Latinos that would serve as a support group for its members, and would uphold four standards, Culture, Wisdom, Empowerment and Carnalismo.

It was evident to the founding four that many Chicano/Mexicano/Latinos have lost sight of the morals, culture, and familia that has sustained our Raza throughout years of struggle and survival.

The founding four saw the need for an organization that would train, teach, and nurture young Chicano/Mexicano/Latino students to be prepared at all times to represent, protect, and uphold the history, culture, and morals of our people. In addition to create a life-long brotherhood bound to the highest standards of academics, self-worth, dedication, and service to our Chicano/Mexicano/Latino community. So it was on that on the 21st day of nineteen hundred and ninety six that the vision that brought these men together, would transform to what is known today as La Hermandad de Oquichtli Macuilli Tonatiuh.

Culture -

the understanding and application of indigenous history and tradition

Wisdom -

the application of our college education and experience as an undergraduate Carnal

Empowerment -

the struggle for political, educational, and economic equality for our Chicano/Mexicano/Latino/Indigenous communities

Carnalismo -

the bond shared by Los Carnales de La Hermandad De O eMe Te and its application to our Chicano/Mexicano/
Latino/Indigenous communities