Familia -

The familia is a self sustaining branch of the organization that is created by its undergraduate members along with contributions and support from its alumni board. The familias goal is to educate, empower, and create outstanding undergraduates and prepare them for their professional lives. The familia serves as a support group and a guide to create individuals that are key members of their community, academic organizations, and the undergraduate population that they serve. The familia strives to serve and empower the undergraduate and regional community through charitable events, educational programming, and cultural education. The organization has succeeded in these endeavors by creating campus senators, executive board members, and leaders of college and community service committees. The familia prides itself of bringing awareness and creating leaders on campus which in return positively influences their undergraduate experience. While the famlia focuses on developing outstanding undergraduate members, it also serves to educate and empower those surrounding the famila. While the familia works to create professionals, it also makes Carnales aware of their cultural background and history. While the national board oversees the goals of La Hermandad, it is the familia which ultimately represents the organization at its respective campus.